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One year of profiles, lists, Opinions On, Celebabies, and series full of fun and baby naming knowledge has gone by, and my, what a year it’s been. We’ve all picked up new hobbies, looked to the internet as a means of entertainment and connection, and overcame career and school hurdles, all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. I genuinely hope that the Name Warehouse was able to bring you a bit of a pleasant distraction from the often unpleasant reality like it has for me in the past year. If you just got to the Warehouse for the first time yesterday, as I know a few of you have, welcome! With that said, my thanks goes to Amy for this competition! She suggests that I highlight my personal top three favorite posts from the past year. Thanks for sticking around, friends! Let’s get started!

My Top Three

“Different But Not Weird” 50 Familiar Baby Names

Different but not weird names are often some of my favorites (although most of the time I like to get a little out of the box with Antigone and Alaska…), so I always love looking back at this one, particularly because of the style in which I arranged the names. I kept it to one sentence each, with each line containing popularity as well, so I love how easy it is to skim and pick out a couple pieces or names to read a bit more about. Not necessarily charting new territory nor already plundered and spoiled by years of overuse, familiar baby names are in that perfect nook between popular and rare, and the way the information is presented makes it an easy, smooth read when you’re just interested in a speedy scan of an article.

Naming Book Characters--Heroes

I love writing, as is evident from my year on this platform, and I especially love writing fictional novels and articles about baby names. So when they combine? You get the series of my wildest writing dreams. There’s a 3-part series out there somewhere on hero, villain, and overall character naming which you can look up, but I think my favorite from this section is hero names. I think the second point I make about not giving your hero a name you particularly like is one that I find fun to reread whenever I’m going name shopping for a story I’m working on. Given my attachment to the enjoyment of writing this article and the use it’s proved to have in my writing since I’ve published it, I’m not surprised to hand the #2 title to my naming heroes article.

Baby Name Etiquette: When You Hate The Name

This article was heaps of fun for me to write. Not only did I get to use tons of name examples, but I also got to include a bunch of hypothetical baby naming situations which are always fun for me to create, particularly when I’m trying to illustrate a point. I also love to revert to this article not necessarily for my own life, since I’m not really out and about to check on what everyone has been naming their little ones, but just for a fun read. I think I especially like this article because it covers a topic that I think is very necessary for people to have knowledge on before they crush someone’s baby naming dreams.

Your Top Three

“Different But Not Weird” 50 Familiar Baby Names

Apparently we have the same taste in articles… this one got a lot of love, which I’m incredibly grateful for, particularly given that I poured so much time and energy into attempting to get this format just right. This is certainly a relatable topic, and I find that it’s one of those posts that you have to come back to a few times for names that strike that wonderful sweet spot.

The Next Big Middle Name For Girls

Pearl? Mae? Dove? Who are you rooting for? Abby (Appellation Mountain) is putting her money on Mae, and I’ve got to say that I also see that prospect as the most probable. But who knows? Pearl could surprise us with her unique gemstone sparkle and effortless compatibility with pretty much any name you throw her way, and Dove just might have a massive moment soon enough. I’m still in love with Isabella Dove, and maybe 2021 parents are adoring the serenity of the choice as well.

2019 Data Review: Trending Girl Names

Ahh, we’ll have to see if they keep it up next year! I’m counting on Amoura and Theodora to continue their journey up the charts, but I’m not holding my breath on Salem and Alaia to keep raising the bar, just given their match to trends. Salem doesn’t hit enough trend points, while Alaia hits too many (resulting in Alaya, Alaiya, Aalyah, and reducing her potential to be the singular name that rises.)

Thanks again to Amy for her recommendation, and much love and appreciation to all of you for the support and the participation over these past 365 days, 5442 article views (yes, that took me half an hour to count them all), and 144 articles. Alright, that’s all for today, dear readers. I hope you enjoyed, and have a lovely rest of your day! It's been a wonderful ride.


-Delphina Moon

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